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How Your Medical History Could Impact Your Workers’ Comp Claim in Nevada
July 26, 2019

An individual’s pre-existing medical conditions can influence the outcome of their workers’ compensation claim. It is common for employers and insurers to argue that the individual’s injury isn’t work-related and thus they are not responsible. […]

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Will New Laws Give Nevada Firefighters Peace of Mind?
July 19, 2019

Firefighters face a constant threat of injury and death, but new protections are in place that could improve their physical and mental health. New legislation that went into effect on July 1 provides better care […]

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When Workplace Violence Causes Your Injuries
July 12, 2019

Nevada employers who fail to appropriately respond to threats of violence in the workplace can be held liable for the injuries and wrongful deaths that result from their negligence. Workplace violence is a growing threat […]

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Does Nevada’s Broken Workers’ Comp System Favor Employers Over Victims?
July 05, 2019

The workers’ compensation system in Nevada often favors employers over the legitimate claims of injured workers. Established procedures and guidelines often result in bureaucratic red tape that strangles legitimate claims and prevents workers from receiving […]

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Work Comp Claims Draw Attention to Hazardous Conditions
June 24, 2019

Workers’ compensation claims expose hazardous and potentially fatal work conditions and the actions of negligent employers. The record they create establishes patterns of behavior that make it hard for employers to blame workers for safety […]

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How Nevada Unions Help Injured Workers
June 18, 2019

Unions in Nevada provide workers the leverage they need to secure workplace protections to help prevent injuries, and compensation when injuries occur. Unions exist to protect everyone from teachers and electricians, to plumbers and construction […]

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Workplace Safety: Does OSHA Really Matter?
June 12, 2019

OSHA safety standards aim to keep workers safe from injuries or death, but they only work when employers adhere to them and rigorously enforce safe working conditions. Employers who ignore OSHA rules and recommendations negligently […]

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9 Machine Safety Practices That Can Save Your Life
June 06, 2019

Adherence to machine safety practices can help protect workers from fatal injuries in the workplace. Employers have a duty of care that includes ensuring that workers know how to safely operate machines in the workplace, […]

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Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Hire a Work Accident Lawyer
May 27, 2019

Workers should not delay hiring a work accident lawyer to pursue their claims for many reasons. These include the statute of limitations expiring, the difficulty in gathering “stale” evidence, and the risk of signing away […]

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Did the IME Disagree with Your Treating Physician?
May 21, 2019

Injured workers do not have to accept the findings of Independent Medical Examiners (IME’s) who deliver a determination that is contradictory to that of the treating physician in a workers’ compensation case. When an IME […]

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