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Vocational Training

We’ll Help You Obtain Vocational Training through Workers’ Comp in Nevada

If your work-related injury resulted in permanent work restrictions that keep you from doing your job, you may qualify for vocational training in Nevada. Give us a call and let’s get you the training you need so you can get back to work.

Do You Qualify for Vocational Rehabilitation Benefits?

Not every worker who is permanently injured will qualify for vocational training through the workers’ compensation system. To determine whether you are eligible, contact us for a free evaluation. In the meantime, here are some questions you can answer that may help give you an idea of what to expect.

  • Did you file a claim for workers’ compensation benefits and was your claim successful?
  • Have your work-related injuries permanently impacted your ability to work in your pre-injury job or other jobs you’re trained to do?
  • Has your employer been unable or unwilling to offer you work that accommodates your limitations and pays at least 80% of what you made before you were hurt?
  • Are you unable to find another job on your own that pays at least 80% of your prior wage and fits your marketable skills as well as your work restrictions?

What Benefits Are Available When Workers Need Job Training?

If you are eligible for vocational training through the workers’ compensation system in Nevada, there are a number of benefits that are available to you. Our team can help you explore the benefits of the vocational rehabilitation program so you can make the most of the services offered. Give us a call at 702-822-4444 or stop by our office and let’s chat.

Vocational Rehabilitation Maintenance Payments

You may be entitled to vocational rehabilitation maintenance payments to help you meet your financial obligations while you are trained for your new career. If you qualify, you’ll receive compensation at the same rate as your TTD payments. These payments will continue for the duration of your training program.

Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor

You’ll be provided with a vocational rehabilitation counselor to assist you in creating a vocational training plan. The independent counselor will assess your work experience, career interests, educational training, and other applicable factors to determine which path will be most beneficial for your future while remaining cost-effective for the insurance company. It is important to become actively involved during this planning phase because it only lasts for 60 days and your input can significantly impact your future career.

Vocational Rehabilitation Plan

Once the planning phase has ended, you will be provided with a vocational rehabilitation plan. This plan may last anywhere between six and eighteen months and can include a variety of types of educational and job training programs. In some cases, plans can be extended for up to thirty months. The length of the plan and training offered depends greatly on the percentage of impairment, your interests, and your current level of education/training.

Should You Accept a Vocational Rehabilitation Buyout?

Sometimes insurers will offer a vocational rehabilitation buyout that enables them to settle claims at a fraction of the cost. Buyout offers are typically made during the plan development phase, but they’re not required to be made at all. If they do offer a buyout settlement in Nevada, they are required to offer at least 40% of the maximum amount of vocational rehabilitation maintenance due to the injured worker. While these offers are negotiable, they rarely settle for anywhere near the amount an injured worker would receive of no buyout was made.

If a buyout offer is made to settle your vocational rehabilitation claim, you should tread carefully. If you accept, you could lose thousands of dollars, valuable job training opportunities, and the ability to recover damages for your injuries in the future if things change. You should never proceed with a buyout settlement until you know the facts, understand what is at stake, and calculate what your case is actually worth. Before you agree to anything, give our office a call. Let’s sit down together and go over your offer. Our team can point you in the right direction.

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