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How I Help Injured Workers

What Can Our Las Vegas Work Injury Lawyers Do for You?

If you were hurt at work, our attorneys will help you navigate the workers’ compensation claims process so you can get the medical treatment you need, your bills can get paid, and you can recover. Need help filing a work injury claim? Need assistance with an appeal? Are other parties involved who could be responsible for your injuries? Give our office a call today. Let’s talk.

Get the legal help you need when you’re hurt on the job. Call 702-822-4444.

Providing Education for Workers Injured on the Job

At Jason D. Mills & Associates, we know workers’ compensation law. Our knowledge of the rules, the claims, and the way insurance companies work has helped us recover money for thousands of injured workers in Nevada over the years. We believe that by educating workers on the workers’ compensation laws, we can help them avoid mistakes that could cost them their payouts. To better serve workers in Las Vegas, we provide free guides, infographics, and articles that keep workers updated and in the know.

Free Legal Advice

We believe that all injured workers in Nevada should have access to legal representation regardless of the size of their bank accounts. That’s why we offer free consultations, provide guidance about how to proceed with your work injury case, create legal strategies that work for you, and fight to protect your rights without any out of pocket costs to you. We’re so confident that we will win your case, we won’t charge for our services unless we achieve a successful settlement on your behalf.

Legal Representation, Resources, and Guidance

I provide guidance to injured workers throughout the workers’ compensation claims process. My extensive experience and familiarity with these types of cases enables me to help you obtain medical treatment, file work injury claims and handle appeals for adverse decisions, fight for your benefits in court when necessary, and gain access to a wide variety of services that support you during your journey to recovery.

Advocating for Injured Workers

As Co-chairman of the Workers’ Compensation Legislative Committee in Nevada, I’ve played a significant role in making Nevada workers’ compensation laws more just for workers who are injured. I also continue to lobby and testify before the Nevada Assembly and Nevada Senate regarding workers’ compensation laws.

Attorney Support

I mentor new workers’ comp lawyers in Nevada and educate them on the complexities of the workers’ compensation process in the state. It’s not uncommon for other work injury attorneys in Las Vegas, Reno, and other surrounding communities to come to our firm for advice. In some cases, other lawyers refer their workers’ comp cases to us.

Were you hurt on the job? Give our office a call at 702-822-4444 and find out how we can help.

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