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Airline Workers

Negotiating Top-Dollar Settlements for Injured Airline Workers in Nevada

As a flight attendant, baggage handler, cockpit crew member, or another airline worker who has been injured, you may be entitled to a combination of benefits under Nevada workers’ compensation law and the terms of your union contract. Please reach out to our team for a complimentary consultation to discuss your injuries and the coverages that may apply to your claim.

We’ll guide you through the complicated work injury laws and procedures that are specific to union airline workers whether you were injured on or off the plane in Nevada or someplace else. We’ll look for third-party liability in cases where defective or dangerous equipment, contaminated food or beverages, or hazardous conditions at the airport played a role in your injuries. And we’ll negotiate with insurance companies and major airlines to ensure we obtain a top-dollar settlement or verdict on your behalf.

Handling Work Injury Claims Against Major Airlines and LAS

Clark County is home to several airports, but McCarran International Airport is the primary commercial airport for the area. Located in the heart of Sin City, LAS serves more than 45 million passengers every year. The airport features four runways, two passenger terminals, and a people mover that carries travelers throughout the facility. A wide variety of major airlines like Delta, Southwest, American Airlines, Spirit, and United arrive and depart from LAS. The airport is an operating base for Allegiant Air. It also serves as a crew and maintenance base for Frontier Airlines, Southwest Airlines, and Spirit Airlines.

With thousands of airline workers traveling to and from LAS each year, and many more spending time in the airport and other parts of Vegas during layovers, the city is no stranger to airline worker injuries. Whether you’re an employee who was injured in-flight, you were hurt at the airport, or you were in an accident during a layover, you may be able to recover compensation for damages.

Filing a Workers’ Compensation Claim in Nevada

Airline workers must meet one of the following requirements to receive Nevada Workers’ Compensation benefits.

  • Your work-related injury must have been sustained in Nevada
  • You must have been hired as an airline worker in Nevada
  • Your work is primarily located in Nevada

You don’t have to be injured while flying over Nevada to file a claim in the state. Your injury could be a result of a slip and fall accident at the airport, violence in the airport lobby, defective equipment while working on a plane, or turbulence while flying over a completely different state. To find out if you are eligible to file a workers’ comp claim in Nevada, give us a call.

How Do Airline Worker Injuries Happen?

Airplane crashes aren’t the only way airline workers get hurt on the job. Airline workers are susceptible to a wide variety of risks that can lead to injury or death. The types of accidents and injuries sustained often depends on the position held.

Flight Attendants

If you’re a flight attendant, you’re probably no stranger to turbulence, hard landings, and unruly passengers that can leave you with back and neck injuries, broken bones, and head injuries from loose objects or falls.

Baggage Handlers

As a baggage handler, you may have been injured by lifting or pulling heavy luggage, a conveyor belt accident, or a slip and fall.

Maintenance and Ground Crew

Maintenance and ground crew workers are exposed to numerous risks that can put them in the hospital, cause disability, or result in death. Exposure to toxic substances, loud noise, malfunctioning equipment, and defective safety equipment may be the cause of your injuries.

Let Us Help You Recover

The negligence of pilots, ground crew, and onboard crew members put the lives of airline workers and passengers in very real danger, but these aren’t the only entities who may be responsible for your injuries. When aircraft manufacturers, negligent security teams, violent passengers, vendors, or other third parties cause you to be injured, we’ll make sure they’re held accountable as well. Give us a call at 702.802.4444. Let’s talk.

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