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How Your Second Job May Impact Your Workers’ Comp Benefits

A second job could impact the portion of workers’ compensation benefits that cover a percentage of a victim’s lost wages. Many people in Nevada work at more than one job either through part-time employment or through participation in the gig economy. When people are injured at work, they have a right to file for workers’ compensation benefits through their employers’ insurance carriers. Working at two jobs may either negatively or positively impact the benefits workers might receive.

Effect of Second Jobs on Workers’ Comp

Working a second job could have a positive impact on the benefits payment amounts in some cases. If a worker’s injury prevents him or her from returning to both jobs, the worker could receive additional disability benefits to replace a percentage of his or her lost income from both jobs. However, if the worker can return to the second job but cannot return to his or her primary position, the benefits payments amounts could be reduced by the income earned from the second job. 

Requirements When Working Second Jobs

Workers in Nevada must tell their employers that they work at second jobs when they apply for workers’ compensation benefits. Employers need to have this information so their insurance carriers can calculate the correct benefits payment amounts. The amounts that people earn at both jobs are counted towards their average monthly wages. People who are hurt while working at one job will have the income that they earn from their second jobs included in their benefits payments calculations. 

Workers who are injured on the job report their injuries to the company where they were injured. When they do, they must also report their second jobs and the amounts they earn. The second job may either increase or decrease the workers’ compensation payments that they might receive. However, if workers fail to report the income they earn from working a second job, their workers’ compensation claims may be denied. Other penalties might also apply when people fail to report all of their jobs when they apply for workers’ compensation benefits.

All employers in Nevada must either carry workers’ compensation insurance or be self-insured to protect their workers. However, people who work as independent contractors may not have workers’ compensation available. Even if a second job is gig work, however, the income must still be reported. 

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