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Riots Are Pushing Police to File Workers’ Comp Claims

Rioters in cities across the country are injuring thousands of law enforcement personnel and causing many to file workers’ compensation claims. Riots in Minneapolis, Chicago, Las Vegas, and other cities have made it increasingly hazardous for police officers to perform their duties. When law enforcement personnel are injured while responding to these public disturbances, they have the right to recover compensation for their injuries. 

The Spark Heard Around the Country

2020 will go down as one of the most dangerous years for law enforcement personnel. Public resentment of police officers, a global pandemic, steep economic downturn, and political partisanship has created a dangerous situation where even minor sparks can ignite major disturbances. So far, Minneapolis, Chicago, Las Vegas, and many other communities have experienced waves of violent outbursts that have injured thousands of police officers.  

Law enforcement agencies are often called to respond to these disturbances without clear direction or support from elected officials. They are often thrown into chaotic situations where rioters throw everything from rocks to broken glass at them. This is causing injuries ranging from lacerations and concussions, to broken bones and PTSD. While these are common injuries suffered when responding to any civil disturbance, the size and scale of the riots across the country has resulted in an increased number of claims. 

In light of the current climate, it is highly likely that civil disturbances will continue throughout the country for the foreseeable future. As more law enforcement officers are injured and placed on disability rosters, it means fewer officers will be available to respond. Moreover, as morale drops, more and more officers are considering resigning. It’s creating a downward cycle and placing remaining officers at increased risk of serious injury as staffing levels drop to dangerous levels.

Law Enforcement Claims in Nevada

Law enforcement officers can file workers’ compensation claims for injuries received while responding to riots and other civil disturbances. Claims can be filed for contracting contagious diseases including COVID-19, lung disease, or heart disease. They can be filed for broken bones, lacerations, concussions, TBI, PTSD, and many other injuries.

Claims are not limited to only police officers, sheriffs, deputy sheriffs, etc. Investigators, uniformed employees, forensic specialists, and other law enforcement personnel can also file claims. When any law enforcement officer is injured by a rioter while performing their official duties, they are eligible to file workers’ compensation claims in Nevada.

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