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Were You Injured in a Farm Machinery Accident in Nevada?

Pinch points, crush points, shear points, chains, and other features of farm machinery injures or kills thousands of agricultural workers each year. Whether caused by defective design, manufacturing mistakes, or unsafe working conditions, injured farmworkers in Nevada may be able to file for workers’ compensation benefits, recover damages through a negligence claim, or both.

Injuries Caused by Defective Farm Equipment

There are many types of work-related injuries that defective farm equipment can cause. These include amputations, broken or crushed bones, traumatic brain injuries, or wrongful death. Defective design is a common cause of injuries to agricultural workers. Improperly designed equipment can allow workers to become trapped beneath the machinery or become entangled in moving components.

Common Hazards & the Importance of Shields and Guards 

Improperly shielded equipment exposes workers to the risk of grievous injury. Workers can suffer crushing injuries in pinch points or become entangled in rotating machinery components at wrap points. Failure to properly shield these points makes it possible for clothing or limbs to become quickly entangled at these junctures.

It is also vital to shield workers from crush points. These are often located at loading docks, grain bins, or other points where machinery loads/unloads produce and supplies. 

Pull-in points are another common cause of injury. Workers attempting to clear jams in these points can be pulled into the machinery as the jam clears. These types of injuries often occur suddenly and can cause catastrophic injuries to workers who are sucked into the machinery.

Shear points are particularly nefarious. These often occur on harvesting machinery and occur when shielding isn’t present or fails. These types of injuries can occur when workers attempt to service machinery during maintenance operations.

Finally, workers can suffer crushing injuries caused by hydraulic lifts. Workers can become crushed beneath machinery supported by the lift when the hydraulic system fails. 

Workers’ Comp in Nevada

Agricultural businesses in Nevada are not required to provide workers’ compensation benefits to seasonal or migrant farmworkers. However, if an employer’s negligence is responsible for the accident, the injured worker can pursue a personal injury lawsuit against the employer. Similarly, if a design or manufacturing defect caused the injury, the individual can pursue a personal injury lawsuit against the equipment manufacturer. When a farm-related injury occurs in Nevada, workers’ compensation lawyers can help injured agricultural workers navigate their legal options and pursue the most efficient course of action.  

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